Online Driver Education Course

Please see your high school counselor to sign up for all online courses including online Driver education during the school year and for the summer term.

Course Description

Requirements: .5 credits

Students taking driver education must complete the following to receive a license. No less than 27 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction, 6 hours of observation time; and 34 hours with a parent or guardian. Of the 34 hours driven with a parent or guardian, 10 hours must be driven at night.

Online Drivers Ed Course

Driving Practice

Driving Test

Driving Practice

Granite District will provide the 6 hours of behind the wheel training as follows:

  • Driving Range – 3 hours.  Street Smarts online simulator may substitute for 1 hour of range driving.
  • On the Road Driving – 3 hours

Driving range car training may take place during the school day. Instruction will be provided by certified retirees and hourly employees. Some on-the-road driving will take place during school, but the majority of driving will be after school. The department chairperson at each school will schedule driving times for students.


Each student must pass the driver education class. Each student must pass at 80% or better on the following tests:

  • State written test
  • State driving test

Driver Education fee:

Enrolled in Granite School District:$140

Non-Granite School District Student: $140 + $75

It is recommended that students take driver education during their sophomore year.

Every student is required to drive sometime after, or before school or on Saturdays. If a student misses a scheduled driving time, it could delay their obtaining a driver license.

Each student should obtain a learner permit prior to the first day of class. Each student must have the fee of $140 paid to the main office prior to the first day of class. The student will bring the receipt of payment to class with them on the first day or already be approved for fee waiver prior to the class beginning.

A learner permit can be obtained when a student reaches 15 years of age.

A student must have their learner permit at least 6 months before they obtain a driver license.

Fee waivers are available for coursework taken at school sites during the regular school year.

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